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TilingDifferent Types of Tiles

June 4, 2021by tileplus_ljiflt

When it comes to picking a tile, there are hundreds of different kinds of materials to choose from. Depending on what part of your home your thinking about tiling you can choose anything from porcelain to vinyl or ceramic to stone. In this article, you will learn about the most common choices people go for.


Ceramic tiles are made of clay and are usually red or white. It is made by purifying clay after it has been quarried and then dried out until it becomes a powder. The powder will then be injected into a mould then is pressed before being fired at a high temperature. Then the raw tile will be screen printed and a layer of glaze is added before being fired again. The glaze is available in textured, matte or gloss finishes. Usually, ceramic tiles are used for walls or feature tiles, but occasionally can be used as flooring too. They are very easy to cut, as they are much softer than most tiles, this means they are also cheaper than other kinds of tiles. There is a very big variation of ceramic tiles available for domestic or commercial use. Glazed ceramic tiles usually do not need any special maintenance or sealing.


Porcelain tiles come in two options, glazed or full-bodied. These two types of porcelain tiles are manufactured in different ways and are used in different parts of the home. Glazed porcelain tiles are usually used on walls and floors in domestic spaces, they also don’t need to be sealed or need any kind of special maintenance. In full-bodied porcelain tiles, the colour runs from front to back, these tiles are available in 3 different types of finishes. Some are appropriate for the interior of your home and some are appropriate for the exterior.

Composite Stone

Composite stones, also known as engineered stone, are mostly manufactured in Italy and China. They are made using Stone, Cement, Resin and some additives. These stones are available in honed, polished and matte finishes. The surfaces of this type of stone can be textured easily in a few different ways and require minimal maintenance. Lots of manufacturers unfortunately won’t provide a warranty on these products as they can be damaged by UV exposure.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is created by nature, the stone slabs or blocks can be cut into your desired shape or size, and can be finished in many different ways. As this product is natural, the colour and texture of the stone are random. Sometimes the stone will need to be filled to correct any natural faults or defects. When done properly it should blend in with the natural texture. Usually, they need to be sealed and maintained regularly.

Glass Mosaic

Glass Mosaic is usually only used for a feature or a splashback. There is a very extensive range of different kinds on the market today. These kinds of products do not need to be sealed and maintained regularly.